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Alarm Flooding Control with Event Clustering Using Spark Streaming

You show up at work in the morning and open your email to find 100 alarm emails in your inbox for the same error from an application running on some server within a short time window of 1 minute. You … Continue reading

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Making Recommendations in Real Time

Making recommendations based on an user’s current behavior in a small time window is a powerful feature that has been added to sifarish recently. In this post I will go over the details of this feature. The real time feature … Continue reading

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Real Time Fraud Detection with Sequence Mining

Real time fraud detection  is one of the use cases, where multiple components of the Big Data eco system come into play in a significant way, Hadoop batch processing  for building the predictive model and Storm for predicting fraud from … Continue reading

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Big Data Caught in Storm

Hadoop is great for batch processing. However depending on the  incoming data throughput and the cluster characteristic, there is a minimum latency threshold for processing data. My blog post is based on a simple performance model for Hadoop that allows … Continue reading

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