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Using Mutual Information to Find Critical Factors in Hospital Readmission

Nobody likes hospital readmission soon after discharge, whether it’s the patient or the insurance company. Predictive analytic techniques have been used to predict the likelihood of hospital readmission, using the various medical, personal and demographic input or feature attributes. However, … Continue reading

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Retarget Campaign for Abandoned Shopping Carts with Decision Tree

Research has shown that customers who have abandoned shopping carts, when subjected to retargeting email campaign, often come back and in many cases end up buying more than what was originally in the shopping cart. There are many attributes of such … Continue reading

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Analytic is your Doctor’s Friend

In this post, I will be venturing into the medical domain and show how big data analytic can play a crucial role in the complex and daunting world of health care. There is a  kind of cancer that affects the … Continue reading

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