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Recommendation Engine Powered by Hadoop (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this post the focus was on finding the correlation between items, based on rating data available in individual items. The MR job output was the correlation coefficient matrix, with correlation coefficient  values between 0 and 1 … Continue reading

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Log Analysis and Incident Reporting with Hadoop

What do we have We have a very successful eCommerce site. We have lot of traffic  in our eCommerce site, which is good.  Our  visitors are busy buying our cool products, which is even better. What do we want We … Continue reading

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Folding, Cross Validation with Map Reduce

In my current web log data mining project using Hadoop, I am trying to build a predictive model for predicting certain attributes of the web site visitor.  I have number of ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)tasks to prepare the data … Continue reading

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