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Customer Churn Prediction with SVM using Scikit-Learn

Support Vector Machine (SVM) is unique among the supervised machine learning algorithms in the sense that it focuses on training data points along the separating hyper planes. In this post, I will go over the details of how I have … Continue reading

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Customer Lifetime Value, Present and Future

Customer lifetime value for a business is the monetary value associated with relationship with a customer, although there have been attempts to include non monetary value associated  with a customer. It’s an important metrics to have for any marketing initiative … Continue reading

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Stop the Customer Separation Pain with Bayesian Classifier

In my last post, we did some exploratory analytic for customer churn. We identified the parameters that have most influence on whether a customer account gets closed or not. We performed correlation analysis using Cramer index. In  this post, we will … Continue reading

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Explore Customer Churn with Cramer Index

Classification problems involve predicting a response variable based on  a set of feature variables for some entity. But there is another problem whose solution is a prerequisite for solving classification problem. We may want to know which among the set … Continue reading

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