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Reading Nested Objects Modeled with Composite Key from Cassandra

My earlier post was about storing nested objects modeled with composite key in Cassandra. Well, we need to be able to read the data back as objects and that’s the topic for this post. This post will focus on rest … Continue reading

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Storing Nested Objects in Cassandra with Composite Columns

One of the popular features of MongoDB is the ability to store arbitrarily nested objects and be able to index on any nested field. In this post I will show how to store nested objects in Cassandra using composite columns. … Continue reading

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Cassandra Range Query Made Simple

In Cassandra, rows are hash partitioned  by default. If you want to data sorted by some attribute, column name sorting feature of Cassandra is usually exploited. If you look at the Cassandra slice range API, you will find that you … Continue reading

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Data Loader for NOSQL Databases

In one of my recent projects, I had to load product data from a CSV file into HBase and also to index it for search purpose.. I decided to separate out the loader part of the project as a stand … Continue reading

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Cassandra Secondary Index Patterns

We all know that any real application needs to do query based on attributes other than the primary key or row key in case of Cassandra. Cassandra version .7 onwards provides native secondary index support. But there are several limitations. … Continue reading

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Geo Spatial Indexing with MongoDB

MongoDB is another NoSQL database that seems to have rising popularity.  Recently, I was evaluating NoSQL databases  for a project. I was planning to use it for storing and managing vast amount of Hadoop post processed data for future queries … Continue reading

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Easy Cassandra Data Access

This post is about a simple no nonsense data access API for Cassandra. I did not start with a grandiose plan for yet another high level Cassandra API. I was implementing a Cassandra based BPM that I blogged about earlier. … Continue reading

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