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Semantic Search with Pre Trained Neural Transformer Model using Document, Sentence and Token Level Embedding

Some time ago I  worked on an enterprise search project, where we were tasked to improve the performance of an enterprise Solr search deployment. We recommended various improvements based on classic NLP techniques. One of the items on the agenda … Continue reading

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Elastic Search or Solr Search Result Quality Evaluation with NCDG Metric on Spark

You have built an enterprise search engine with Elastic Search or Solr. You have tweaked all the knobs in the search engine to get the best possible quality for the search results. But how do you know how well your … Continue reading

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Improving Elastic Search Query Result with Query Expansion using Topic Modeling

Query expansion is a process of reformulating a query to improve query results and to be more specific to improve the recall for a query. Topic modeling is an Natural Language Processing (NLP) technique to discover hidden topics or concepts … Continue reading

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