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Time Series Seasonal Cycle Detection with Auto Correlation on Spark

There are may benefits of auto correlation analysis on time series data, as we will be alluding to in detail later. It allows us to gain important insights on the nature of the time series data. Cycle detection is one … Continue reading

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Using Mutual Information to Find Critical Factors in Hospital Readmission

Nobody likes hospital readmission soon after discharge, whether it’s the patient or the insurance company. Predictive analytic techniques have been used to predict the likelihood of hospital readmission, using the various medical, personal and demographic input or feature attributes. However, … Continue reading

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Explore Customer Churn with Cramer Index

Classification problems involve predicting a response variable based on  a set of feature variables for some entity. But there is another problem whose solution is a prerequisite for solving classification problem. We may want to know which among the set … Continue reading

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